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VOD Media is a leading provider within the hospitality industry assisting their clients with in-room entertainment, Internet management solutions and digital signage platforms. Partnered with a vast number of hospitality experts, the team will be able to tailor a solution for both established hotel groups and individual properties looking to build on their brand. We also provide tailored solutions for Schools, universities, retail and corporate clients.







Using the collective experience of each individual and their industry knowledge, the team at VOD Media has been able to create site-specific designs to suit the needs of the respective properties, Whether it be a matter of digital television migration to meet compliance, or a full interactive system providing guests with an unrivalled in-room platform, or a Wifi management gateway that will please the ever increasing bandwidth-hungry consumer.

Partnered with Acentic, a global God-father in hospitality-focused television and connectivity solutions, the team will go above and beyond to provide a world-class service. Taking pride in the level of support offered, and desire for absolute system stability, we have become trusted with maintaining the brand standards for:

  • Sun International
  • Starwood
  • Hilton hotel and resorts
  • Bon Hotels

  • Carlson Rezidor
  • Tsogo Sun
  • Legacy Hotels
  • One & Only

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Our Helpdesk, providing 24/7 support from a multitude of engineers, will be able to assist both staff and guests alike with quick and easy resolutions.

About VOD Media



VOD Media partnered with Acentic, the leader in the field of In-room Entertainment.

VOD MEDIA Products and Services

Following the global trends of in-room entertainment, VOD Media are able to assist in mapping a way forward to provide the end user with world class platforms that will stay relevant and upgradable for years to come.

Offering a variety of Hospitality Solutions, we will assess the current infrastructure along with encompassing brand standards and industry trends to address the needs of the property, and wants of the end user.



Hospitality Solutions

In-room entertainment has evolved over the years, requiring a portal for guests to enjoy the luxury and level of technology that most have in their households.

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Hospitality Televisions

Having partnered with both Samsung and LG, we are able to offer a large selection of IPTV compatible TV platforms.

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Network Management

Our network engineers will ensure the property's infrastructure is of a world-class level to compliment the offered solutions.

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Highspeed Internet (HSIA)

Addressing the needs of an increasingly connected world and the demand for strong, reliable WiFi, the Radiant 4 system was built specifically with the Hospitality industry in mind.

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Digital Signage

VOD Media is able to incorporate various digital signage solutions into our IPTV systems, eliminating the need for multiple suppliers.

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Digital Headends

The Chameleon digital headend offers a limitless amount of available channels that can be broadcasted to an unlimited amount of TV units.

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Current Projects


Raddison Blu Lusaka

The Raddison Blu in Lusaka is putting emphasis on quality in-room entertainment. The Halo High Speed internet access we are installing, offers thousands of guests, day visitors and conference delegates a world class connection throughout the property. .

Raddison Blu Brand Logo

Work Process

The VOD Media team has vast experience and knowledge of state of the art technology to successfully complete projects of any size.

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